Loan Schemes


Loan Facilities

Currently the organization has put in place following loan facilities.
Type of Loan: Annual Interest Management Rates
Social Loan 13%  1%
Commercial Loan 13.5%  1%
Hire Purchase Loan 14%  1%
Housing Loan 14%  1%
Educational Loan 12.5%  1%
Loan on fixed Invoice collateral additional 3%

General Provision to Issue Loan

  • Loan amount up to Rs 100,000 can be issued for a year on collective collateral of at least two share members under the heading of social loan
  • Hire purchase loan can be issued as designated by the governing committee of the organization after the transfer of ownership of the vehicle to the organization
  • Under the category of ‘other heading’, the governing committee of the organization can issue loan up to Rs 1.5 million to the member competing all requirements stipulated on condition s/he legally puts home and land as collateral in the name of the loan issuing organization

Shareholder Welfare Scheme:

 Following facilities have been managed for members under the scheme.

  • Provide funeral expenses of Rs 5,000 in case the share member dies
  • Provide assistance of Rs 10,000 on condition the share member needs to undergo intensive treatment due to very severe disease