Deposit Schemes


Saving Scheme:

Following savings schemes have been in operation to encourage members for saving a certain amount from their incomes and utilize the savings amount to address future financial challenges. 
Regular Savings: All share members shall regularly save minimum Rs 200 every month. The members can withdraw up to 90 percent of the amount collected in the account after three years of the opening of the account. The members are entitled to receive interest of their savings at the annual rate of 6 percent in every six months.
General Savings: This account can be opened by depositing minimum Rs 200. One can deposit and withdraw the amount as per one’s wish. Interest is given at the annual rate of 6 percent in every six months. 
Fixed Deposit: This account can be opened for one year and two years by depositing minimum Rs 100,000. Interest is provided at the annual rate of 9 percent in every three months. The interest rate however can be fixed on mutual consensus based on the volume of fixed savings amount and period. 

Bank Accounts:

The members can directly deposit their amounts (monthly regular savings, loan, principle, installment and monthly interest and other savings) to the accounts of the organizations in the following banks. While depositing amount, the name of the member and purpose should be clearly written in the voucher.

Bank Name, Accounts No and Types of Accounts

  1. Rastriya Banijya Bank, Branch Office, Singhadurbar – 113000334301 Current
  2. Agriculture Development Bank, Bank Office, Ramshahpath – 0100200000977019 Current
  3. Nepal Bank Limited, Bank Office, New Road – 00200100517765000001 Current