Criteria for Membership


All existing and former employee members of the institutions associated to FIEUN should take membership of the cooperative organization because it helps to:

  • Successfully manage several future economic challenges from regular savings of small amount
  • Address emergency financial needs
  • Attain sustainable and proper returns
  • Achieve economic and social progress through mobilization of skills, resources and means
  • Strengthen democratic values, norms and system
  • Consolidate and epitomize cooperative movement and trade union movement
  • Increase mutual cooperation and harmony
  • Reap benefits from various programmes of social security
  • Take benefits from cooperative education, training and information
  • Contribute to the overall development of the society
  • Establish this organization as an example
  • Get benefits from economic cooperation among members of the FIEUN 
Share Membership:
  • To become the share member of the organization one shall purchase the share ranging from minimum Rs 10,000 to maximum Rs 25,000. Each share worth is Rs 100.
  • Entry fee is determined to be Rs 100