About FIEUN Cooperative


FIEUN Savings and Credit Cooperative Limited is a cooperative organization promoted by Financial Institution Employees Union of Nepal (FIEUN). There is a provision that the existing and retired employee members of the institutions associated to FIEUN can obtain membership of the organization. Bearing in mind the national and international values and principles of the cooperatives, the organization was established with the objective of extending significant contributions to the economic, social and cultural development of the share members, society and entire nation by integrating and mobilizing small and scattered resources and means in service-oriented, income-generating, skill-based and overall productive sector from the optimum use of the knowledge, skill and experience gained in the field. The cooperative organization officially registered in the Division Cooperative Office Kathmandu as per the Clause 12(1) of the Cooperative Act-2048 BS in Bhadra 27, 2067 BS is functional with the registration number of 3482/067/068.
Need of the Cooperative:
The need of the cooperative organization was realized with a conclusion that a strong, exemplary and effective cooperative organization comprising around 16,000 existing and retired employees of institutions associated to FIEUN embracing the letter and spirit of ‘One for All and All for One’ with belief on democratic norms, values and system can extend substantial contributions to bring the cooperative movement and trade union movement of Nepal to a new height.
Following objectives have been set for the economic, social and cultural development of the cooperatives.

  • Motivate and develop habit of daily savings among members by cutting off expenses
  • Contribute to build a self-reliant and independent society by enhancing the individual and        collective capacity of members
  • Mobilize scattered national capital by promoting investments in productive and income generation sector
  •  Identify income generation capacity of members to elevate their economic life standards
  • Showcase importance of cooperative in society by conducting service-oriented programme

Establish the cooperative as a lead organization of cooperative movement and trade union movement for social justice and up-lift by strengthening democratic values, norms and system

Working Areas:
The working area of the cooperative organization has been limited to existing and retired employees of various institutions associated to FIEUN.
Office of the Organization:
The office of the organization is located at Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward No. 11, Babarmahal. Members outside the Kathmandu Valley are carrying out their transactions through the same office.