Future Plan

Future Plan

Keeping in mind the aspirations and needs of its members and organizational capacity, following services and facilities will be gradually expanded.

Towards Savings:

  • Arrangement will be made to provide interest in savings account in the interval of every three months
  • Plan to increase savings amount will be implemented through other various types of savings accounts in future
  • Special honour will be made to the depositors who save the amount equivalent to the stock (Maujdat) stipulated by the organization
  • Schemes contributing to income and employment will be implemented in future by mobilizing savings amount

Towards Loan

  • Various types of loan facilities will be gradually implemented in an easy, convenient and relevant manner
  • Keeping in mind the facility and need of the members, arrangement will be made to provide varieties of consumptive goods worth amounting up to Rs 50,000.
  • The outstanding creditor will be identified and felicitated as per the standards set by the organization

Member Welfare Plan:

The organization has a plan to benefit share members from different types of welfare plans in future. Some portion of the profit will be allocated for member welfare plan along with strengthening capacity of the organization.